Algae close lots more recreational waters in the US

19 July 2013

States in the USA continue to be open and honest about which lakes might make you sick or kill your dog. Problems at popular summer recreation areas such as Lake Erie are having a big impact.   The beach at Bemus Point (NY) was closed yesterday.  Also in NY, algal issues plague the Finger Lakes area and at Redwood’s Butterfield Lake, Alexandria.   A warning has been posted for Horseshoe Pond, Merrimack, New Hampshire, as well as for Elbow Pond in Maryland.

In Florida, there are problems at Indian River and and the St Lucie Estuary.  Temperatures are warming up generally and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has issued warnings about the dangers of toxic algae in lakes and ponds.

In Canada, dog owners have been warned to stay clear of Bear Creek Lake.  I am not sure where Oxford County is but their Pittock Reservoir has been closed due to an algal bloom.  From Woolwich Reservoir  (Ontario) comes some news about people who became ill after swimming there.

Note To Droplets Readers:  The CyanoAlert and related articles carried by Droplets will terminate at the end of July due to funding constraints. Apologies to all our regular readers but this is beyond our control.

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