More algal warnings posted for US and UK lakes

25 July 2013

Is it only in South Africa that morons like this get driver's licences?

Is it only in South Africa that morons like this get driver’s licences?

Algal blooms have been reported for the following locations:

Atchison’s Warnock Lake in Kansas.

State officials recently detected dangerous levels of toxic blue-green algae in the lake.  Blue-green algae is a bacteria caused from a nutrient overload in the water. Ponds and lakes that are downstream from farming areas are often impacted. “Factor in shallow water, lack of circulation, warm temperatures, it all helps it,” [an official] added. The health department issued a public health warning for the lake until the algae clears out, which could take several weeks or months.

Hudson Lake (Bartlesville, Oklahoma).

Lake Needwood (Maryland).

According to officials, testing found elevated levels of Microcystin, a toxic substance produced by blue-green bacteria known as cyanobacteria. Officials say the algae can cause serious harm to the liver of humans and pets if ingested.

Not-So-Grand Lake St Mary’s is back in the news yet again, three years in a row, where

High temperatures have combined with toxic blue-green algae to kill scores of fish in Ohio’s largest inland lake.  Area residents and Ohio parks officials reported finding several hundred dead fish floating in the shoreline channels of Grand Lake St. Marys in western Ohio last weekend. Fish kills are an annual summertime occurrence at the shallow, 13,000-acre lake when decomposing algae rob the water of oxygen and suffocate them. It grows thick from feeding on phosphorus from manure and fertilizers that rain washes from nearby farm fields.

Maldon Lake (Surrey, UK) and Pittville Lake (Gloucestershire, UK).

New technology and the application of TMDL rules stand to improve conditions by reducing phosphorus loads to Orange County’s Lake Mary Jess and Washington’s Lake Whatcom.

(Please note: CyanoAlert closes in a week’s time, unless we find funding for another year).






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