South African industry has not yet grasped the full extent of the water crisis threat

24 July 2013

A report by the National Business Initiative (NBI) has revealed that 70% of companies who responded to a survey have experienced financial constraints due to water issues.  These issues remain focussed on water scarcity and continue to be apparently ignorant of the dual threat of too little water that is of dubious quality.  Time will tell if industry will grasp the reality in time (search for Water Crisis on this blog for more information).  Simple Math = (you have 100 liters of water but if 40 liters are polluted, how much do you actually have to use without added cost and effort?).  Taking the arguments further, see the numbers about trying to supply water to South Africa’s latest expense account, the Medupi power station.

In Wales, users of Llanelli North Dock (an artificial lake) have been warned of the presence of a noxious algal bloom.  China has reported massive algal blooms in the Nakdong River. This river has a series of weirs installed in it which, during low flows, creates a series of dams in which algae can develop.  The same situation exists for the lower reaches of South Africa’s Orange River.

Three lakes in Kentucky now have algal blooms and the problems in Illinois continue to persist.

In Canada, Alberta has issued yet another warning, this time for Iosegun Lake.

And in Africa, the worsening conditions in Lake Victoria are threatening the fishery that supports a LOT of people!

At a suburban level, environmental groups in the USA are continuing to experience the benefits of floating island treatment wetlands!


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