Big problems at Water Affairs

11 September 2013

Photo: Bill Harding

Just how broken is Water Affairs? Photo: Bill Harding

More than a year ago Droplets ran a post entitled “Just how broken is Water Affairs” – something of a desperation query about the seemingly parlous state of this crucial state entity.  After all we are an arid country and management of water resources is a fundamental need that needs to be managed with top-notch skills.

It appears that this is not happening, at all.  In a report released today by the Minister in the Presidency, it was revealed that eighty percent (yes, eighty, not eight) of government departments “do not comply with service delivery” (targets).  Even more shocking, if this is at all possible, is that Water Affairs ranked as one of the ‘three worst’!

What the hell is going on? (but I also wonder how these findings ever saw the light of day?)

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