RIP Sarel Pieterse

15 September 2014

Sarel Pieterse

Sarel Pieterse

Today Droplets mourns the loss of a former long-time colleague and friend, Sarel Pieterse – Chief Water Chemist at the City of Cape Town’s Scientific Services Directorate. ┬áSarel was one of those rare people who always had time to assist others and share his knowledge, no matter how busy he was – all the while displaying a subtle and infectious sense of humour. ┬áHis passing is utterly premature and South Africa’s water management fraternity is indeed much poorer for his having left it.

Rest in Peace Sarel.

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  1. retha britz says:

    Sarel – have been sitting with you in some of the Sans 241 committees! We will keep up the work on this side. May you rest in peace!!

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