Man continues to devastate his environment

21 October 2014

Mans environmental inhumanity

These days judicial punishments just don’t seem to fit the crime in South Africa.  Just recently (report) a farmer, who caused the poisoning of 46 endangered  Cape vultures, received a pathetic slap on the wrist – so once again no message is sent to others who might decide to try and “get away with it”.  On a more global scale, an article in the latest edition of Nature highlights the danger to European vultures caused by the use of anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals in stock animals (!)

 A huge decline in vulture numbers in India has been blamed on widespread use of an anti-inflammatory drug in cattle. Now Europe’s vultures could be headed the same way as India’s devastated population, with the first report of a death that is definitively linked to a similar drug. India’s vultures have suffered catastrophic declines since the 1990s, with populations of certain species such as Gyps indicus falling by more than 95%, and considered critically endangered. Scientists have blamed the drug diclofenac, which vets give to farm animals to treat conditions ranging from pneumonia to arthritis — but which can be deadly to vultures that feed on their carcasses as they are unusually sensitive to the compound.

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