Greyton-Genadenal community policing act against animal abuse

28 March 2015

Safe! But who will adopt me??

Safe! But will someone adopt me and love me??

To man’s own discredit we live in societies that do not afford any rights to animals – but the most loathsome human beings have every right imaginable. Despite this, my faith in my fellow-man was considerably elevated.

It has now been elevated even more: just one week after Lily was rescued she is off to live with Noeleen and Leon – and she will be going on her first holiday to the beach (West Coast nogal !) later today!  We look forward to reports-back from her new Mom and Dad.

Sadly, we learnt yesterday that Lily’s abuse by the loathsome individuals we rescued her from seems to have caused internal damage that will require a costly specialist operation to repair.  We sincerely hope that the necessary funds can be found.

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Hydrocitizenship: A passport to civil society awareness of water and aquatic ecosystems

16 March 2015

Image: Hydrocitizenship

Image: Hydrocitizenship

Hydrocitizenship is a UK project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which seeks to investigate the relationships between water and humans through a number of creative, interdisciplinary approaches.  The project website outlines that: “The term ‘hydrocitizenship’ has been adopted in reference to the more established notion of “ecological citizenship” which sees transformations in how society works at individual and collective levels as essential if we are to generate more meaningful, ecologically sustainable forms of society. In our project, we put this idea to work within the contemporary contexts of individual and community engagements with water.” Read more »