Greyton-Genadenal community policing act against animal abuse

28 March 2015

Safe! But who will adopt me??

Safe! But will someone adopt me and love me??

To man’s own discredit we live in societies that do not afford any rights to animals – but the most loathsome human beings have every right imaginable. Despite this, my faith in my fellow-man was considerably elevated.

It has now been elevated even more: just one week after Lily was rescued she is off to live with Noeleen and Leon – and she will be going on her first holiday to the beach (West Coast nogal !) later today!  We look forward to reports-back from her new Mom and Dad.

Sadly, we learnt yesterday that Lily’s abuse by the loathsome individuals we rescued her from seems to have caused internal damage that will require a costly specialist operation to repair.  We sincerely hope that the necessary funds can be found.

This afternoon my wife and I came across an inebriated couple horribly abusing a puppy alongside the road between Greyton and Genadendal.  As we approached the woman who was swinging the dog by its back legs threw it to the ground, whereupon the man she was with kicked it several meters into the bushes (all captured by our dash cam).  We removed the puppy from its ‘owners’ and a nasty and threatening altercation ensued.  To our advantage both local resident Carin du Toit and an off-duty police officer stopped to provide assistance and shortly after a passing SAPS patrol vehicle arrived.  By this time the offenders were some distance into the bushes – but the patrol vehicle was guided to intercept them by the off-duty officer.  The Greyton Animal Welfare Society (AWS) had a vehicle on the scene within 10 minutes (and all of this on a Saturday afternoon!).

By end of the day the dog’s erstwhile owners were in custody and the little doggie was bathed, de-flea’d, fed and housed at the Animal Welfare’s impressive facility.  She is now seeking a new home – we would have adopted her if we did not already have five canines of our own – four of which were also rescued from a horrible existence.

Well done to the SAPS (Mr Franse and the two patrol officers whose names I regrettably do not have as yet) and Anne, Clayton & Kiewiet from the Greyton AWS.  Carin du Toit played an invaluable role in providing the AWS phone number – for which we are most grateful.  I can only hope (but its a small hope) that the prosecuting authorities will act with equal vigour and send a strong message to those who abuse defenceless animals.  Ultimately, until we move demonstrably away from a human-centered (anthropocentric) world, animals will continue to suffer.

Day 1 Report Back

“Lily” has responded amazingly to love and attention in the 24 hours since her rescue.  She is thoroughly good-natured and has adopted the “teddy” we left with her yesterday.  Tomorrow she will be off to the vet for her inoculations and check-up.   I have undertaken to pay for her accommodation and vet bills for as long as it takes for her to be adopted by someone who cares.

Day 3 Report Back

This little doggy continues to capture the hearts of all who come into contact with her – as do the other strays at the Greyton AWS.  If you know of anyone who would like a doggy companion, please tell them about the Greyton AWS so that love and hope can manifest in these animal’s lives.  Some of them are only there because their previous owners could not find the time to give them the love and attention they need.


Thanks to the efforts of The Squashed Tomato ( Lily has found a new home in Panorama, Cape Town, and will be collected by her new owners tomorrow.  We will be VERY sad to see her go, but there are still other rescues at the AWS desperately in need of attention – and we will focus our efforts on them until they also find new, safe homes.

This time a week ago my future was bleak...

This time a week ago my future was bleak…


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