Motor Neuron Disease Survey Progressing Well

29 July 2011

Alzheimers Disease is the second most-feared condition after cancer.  Most adults (82%) have done nothing to prepare themselves for the possibility that they will develop a debilitating, possibly terminal, neurodegenerative disease (see What America Thinks). Read more »

CyanoAlert – scepticism about cyanobacteria and motor neuron disease

13 July 2011

There appears to be more than enough evidence to support a working hypothesis that links a compound (BMAA) produced by all species of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) to motor neuron disease (see earlier blog post).  This possible linkage has been recently summarized in an article by Paul Alan Cox – who has done most of the groundwork on this theory.  Cox’s hypothesis is that BMAA can trigger brain disease only in people who are genetically predisposed.In most people, chemicals like BMAA cannot cross from the blood to the brain. Cox believes a small minority of individuals inherit a condition allowing BMAA to cross the so-called “blood-brain barrier.” Read more »